ChiroThin HCG Weight Loss Program
and ChiroThin Amino Weight Loss Program

Medical Waiver and Release of Liability

New Life Chiropractic is not responsible for negligent use, or health related circumstances regarding the use of ChiroThin Amino or ChiroThin Homeopathic HCG. It is your responsibility to check with your personal physician, primary care facilitator, or MD regarding the personal use of the Homeopathic HCG.  We, at New Life Chiropractic advise you to check with your personal physician before starting this or any weight reduction program.  New Life Chiropractic cannot be held responsible for lack of education regarding the use of Homeopathic HCG. We encourage you to research the use of this homeopathic and its possible affects on your individual health.  If you have any concerns regarding the use of homeopathic HCG, we encourage that you seek the advice of your primary care physician. New Life Chiropractic cannot be held responsible for any health related problems that arise by following the Amino or HCG protocol.  Our products do NOT contain alcohol (people with alcohol sensitivities CAN use these products.)  ChiroThin Amino's are non-hormonal and can be used by children and teens.

People who should NOT take ChiroThin HCG: Anyone with Heart Disease, or a diagnosis of cancer, or Hyperthyroidism, women with an ovarian cyst, those with Diabetes Type 1, or men with Testicular or Prostate Cancer. HCG can aggravate gout, and if you have gall bladder issues HCG can aggravate it because of the small fat intake.  ChiroThin Amino's can be taken by anyone.

By completing this form, you provide your signature, confirming that you agree to not hold New Life Chiropractic responsible for any health-related issues as a result of taking ChiroThin Amino's or Homeopathic HCG, or in any way through your participation in the Amino or HCG Weight Loss Program.  This can be faxed to us at (650)508-4566.

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